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Does God want it darker?

God and Avraham have entered into a covenant, and now they are a team. Because they are a team, Avraham does things for God that God (because He has limited himself in order to create the Universe…) can no longer … Continue reading

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Focusing the affairs of the universe

  This week’s Parsha (Torah portion), Lech Lecha, brings a new and sharp focus to God’s Creation. In the opening words of the Parsha, God specifically instructs a particular individual, Avraham, to leave his home and move to the Land. … Continue reading

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What kind of people does God like?

  Question:    What kind of people does God like? Most people would unthinkingly suppose that the people that God likes best, would be those who are subservient to His stated will. But is this really so? Reading Torah closely, you … Continue reading

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Will He Deal with our Sister as with a Harlot?

  Precis: Although Purim has festive trappings, it also has a tragic dimension, because it spelled personal tragedy for Mordecai and Ester. And the relevance of personal outrage and suffering to the national condition must be understood as well…   … Continue reading

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Clowns of This Generation

Precis: Clowns of the Generation is an earthy phrase denoting elements of society that are (mostly) non-criminal, yet can nevertheless do a great deal of damage. Clowns are superficial and have no sense of the depth and continuity of human … Continue reading

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Face of God

Precis: How can we see the Face of God?   The Bircat Cohanim [Blessing of the Priests] consists of three parts. The second part states: May God shine his face towards you. What does this verse mean? Is it to … Continue reading

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Kedusha. What is the Best English Translation of the Word?

  Precis: Holiness is the traditional translation of the Hebrew word Kedusha, but that does not convey much. Celebration says a whole lot more.   It is true that Rashi says that Kedusha has got to do with separation. But … Continue reading

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“What is Hanuka?” – A New Way of Looking at the Lights

Where does the name Hanuka come from? In fact, it is derived from a passage describing the Navi Zecharya’s vision of the Menora. This passage serves as the Haftara of Shabbat Hanuka, and ends with the phrase Hen Hen La, … Continue reading

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The Blessings of Avraham – Exactly!

Precis: A comparative reading of two versions of a well-known Rashi text, bringing out meaning that is sometimes lost. Breshit [Genesis] 12;1-3 Text Translation 1 ויאמר יקוק אל אברם לך לך מארצך וממולדתך ומבית אביך אל הארץ אשר אראך And … Continue reading

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Ice and Light: The Wrong and the Right Way to Think about God

Precis: Translation and summary of a short piece by Rav Kook that points out the dangers of thinking in a wooden or stoney fashion. Idol worship in the modern age…    Rav Kook, Kovetz 1;179   Text Translation Summary 1 … Continue reading

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